About Us

Hi, I’m Barun Pandit Owner of Barun Pandit AC, Fridge Repair & Service, the website of the barun pandit ac, fridge repair & service is www.barunpandit.business.site. Also My education Qualification is Mechanical engineer so that I have both theoretical and practical knowledge about AC( air conditioner). My intension to start this website is many customers asking for which is the best AC that can long-lasting and low maintenance and good cooling. so in this most of the people also have confused while buying an Air conditioner because if you choose the wrong air conditioner then you have to bear lots of maintenance charges and you can face lots of issues.

most of the customers very much confused before buying An AC that why I started this website to help you with AC buying and will share my experience in the different Air conditioner good and bad things. I think I will clear you all questions on this website. or if you are not satisfied with the articles then contact me in the contact us page I will definitely reply to you.


Barun Pandit.