AC Buying Guide 2020 (Air Conditioner Buying Tips)

    buying an air conditioner is not that easy task it will confuse you. That’s why I recommend you to check these 9 things to check before buying AC. this is the AC buying guide.

    1. AC type AC Buying Guide

    generally three types of AC available in the market for domestic uses.

    1. Split AC 2. window AC 3. Portable AC. Split AC: it has two units of outdoor and indoor units. Looking wise split AC is very good and also and noiseless. Also for fitting in your room you don’t have do cut your window for the wall. It can easily fit in your room.

    But the maintenance cost of the split AC is higher than the other. All sweet consume a little higher electricity then window and portable AC.

    window AC: the maintenance cost of the window AC’s is a little lower than split AC for any other AC.

    To fit windows in your room you have to cut the window or you have to cut the wall of the room. Although you can fit in your window. If you are fitting this AC on the window then this is good, but sometimes if you would not like to fit this on the window then you have to cut the room wall and fit this is AC to your room. Sometimes the fitting of this ac is good or sometimes this is not possible to cut the room wall.

    Portable AC: last option is for you the portable AC but the cooling efficiency of the portable AC is lower than other AC.

    As this AC is portable then you can move this AC anywhere why do you want to move one room to another room or anywhere else.AC Buying Guide

    2. Cooling capacity AC Buying Guide

    cooling capacity is a major factor to check before buying an air conditioner depends on your air-conditioned room so that after buying will not be in trouble.

    Generally 1 ton or 1(TR) AC capable to cool 10 ร—10 ร—10 room.

    1TR= 3500W or 12000 BTU ( British Thermal Unit). 3.5KW or 3500W or 12000BTU this means this is a one-ton AC and it can cool 100 square feet room.

    some company writes the description box that one Ton AC but sometimes they are giving you below on Ton or sometimes they providing you Above 1 ton AC. that’s why you have checked the KW or BTU unit for correct cooling capacity.

    for example, A company giving you below 1 ton AC by the name of 1 ton AC at the price of 25000 rupees. and B company giving you above 1 ton AC by the name of 1ton AC at the price of 26000 rupees. That time you should not fall into 25000 rupees AC because they are giving below 1 ton AC by the name of 1 ton AC.

    all the company description box they have writing 1 ton or 2 ton AC but most of the air conditioners cooling capacity are not accurate, maybe there above 1 ton or 2 ton or below 1 or 2 ton. so check before buying the cooling capacity. it’s easy to check using BTU or KW unit.AC Buying Guide

    3. Coil: AC Buying Guide

    the coil is one of the most important things you have to check before buying AC. generally, two types of coil available in the market one is an aluminium coil and other is a copper coil.

    the indoor unit of the air conditioner mostly copper coil and the outdoor unit can be copper coil or aluminum coil so I have to choose a copper coil.

    Generally have the same aluminium coil is not good because after expiring the company warranty any problem in your ac you have to pay for it. And aluminium coil is not long-lasting. And the other main problem with the aluminium coil is if any leakage in your aluminium coil its is not repairable. You have to change the coil to the copper coil. That why you should buy copper coil AC.

    generally have seen aluminium coil is March problematic then copper coil. Copper calluses price is much higher than aluminium coil but you should have to buy copper condenser because anything leakage scene after exploring the company warranty you can repair your copper coil also copper coil is gas leakage frequency is lower than aluminium coil so you can save lots of repairing cost.

    but in the aluminum coil it can give you in travel after buying that’s why my requirement in a recommendation not to buy an aluminium condenser coil.

    one thing keeps in mind that all the AC’s indoor unit is copper coil but the outdoor unit can be aluminum coil or copper coil so you have to choose outdoor Cooper coil outdoor unit.

    4. Energy Rating AC Buying Guide

    energy rating means energy efficiency it can kill by 1 to 5 ๐ŸŒŸ. Where 1 ๐ŸŒŸ means very bad energy efficiency, it will consume more electricity, and five ๐ŸŒŸ means it is very good in energy Efficiency it will consume less electricity.

    this rating is not important for the cooling effect but it is important to save your electricity bill and electricity bill you have to pay per month so if you’re buying a 5-star rating no electricity bill will be reduced.

    This is why you should buy a 5-star energy rating AC to save your money in the long term. 5 Star AC is prices are higher than 3 ๐ŸŒŸ or 4 ๐ŸŒŸ. so so just try to pay more and by a 5-star energy-efficient air conditioner.

    5. Refrigerant

    Difference AC’s used different types of refrigerant so before buying an air conditioner you can check the refrigerant in your AC mostly three types of refrigerant available currently in the market with his r32 r410a and r22.

    r32 refrigerant is the better as refrigerant then are r410a and r22. Most of the refrigerant is not environment friendly but r32 is better than any other refrigerant used in AC. also it is web lots of energy so that can reduce your electricity bill.

    r410a refrigerant is also good it is better than r22. When it comes to environment friendly its better than r22 refrigerant. It also saves lots of electricity bills then at r22.AC Buying Guide

    and lastly r22 refrigerant is not better than having up to refrigerant but it is good and quite lower cost also it is environment friendly but not better than r32 and r410a refrigerant. It consumes a little higher electricity so that you can pay a little higher electricity bill. But this gas repairing cost is a little lower than ever to gases.

    I think r32 gas is the best for air conditioner it’s a lot of electric electricity bill and it is environment friendly. It is more efficient energy efficient than r410a gas.AC Buying Guide

    6. Inverter AC

    now day people are buying inverter AC for less electricity bill. Inverter technology can save lots of electricity bill.

    Cons: inverter AC is repairing cost is much higher than non-inverter AC and very few technicians are able to repair inverter ac. sometimes you can face the technician is not able to find out the problem.

    7. Noise Level:

    noise level before going you have to check the noise level of your air conditioner. If the air conditioner noise level is higher than will be not a good option but if you tolerate the noises then it’s fine. although most of the AC’s noise level is not much so you don’t have to worry about that..AC Buying Guide

    I will suggest your noise level should be below 40 dB. That will be good. But again I told you if the AC’s noise is a little bit higher then it’s fine that will not a big problem but if you are really worried about noise then choose low noises ac.AC Buying Guide

    8. Body Material

    most of the air conditioner indoor unit is made of plastic and the outdoor unit is made of metal. You have to check the indoor unit plastic quality if the plastic quality is not good hand thin plastic then in the repairing time plastic can be damage. So that’s why you have to choose good plastic quality and plastic should be thick so that it cannot easily break.

    also, you have to check the outdoor unit metal quality. Because if you are outdoor metal quality is not good then it will be e not good for a longer time.AC Buying Guide

    9. Others

    Other features like anti-bacterial coating on AC you can check. Good quality dust filter. Turbo cooling option.


    If you want to buy an air conditioner for the first time then you can be confused about which air conditioner is best for you and will be confused about cooling capacity and ton. But I have this article I have mentioned all the points that we can check before buying any air conditioner. AC Buying Guide

    already I have clear all the points but again I am giving you some important point here that you should keep in mind first check the cooling capacity e for your room and second is copper condenser coil and third is energy Efficiency rating this type means window split or portable which type of AC you want.AC Buying Guide