Best Inverter AC under 30000 In India [5Star] -2021

    I have found the best inverter AC from amazon under 30000 Indian rupees. best inverter ac under 30000


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    best inverter ac under 30000
    Energy Rating5 STAR

    Powerful cooling

    Special FeatureInverter
    Cooling Capacity1.03 Ton
    Room size you can use11*11 room
    Noise Level31 dB
    Warranty1 Year for AC and 5 Year for compressor

    I Have Found this AC at the very best price that why I’m suggesting buying this ac. below that, I will discuss A to Z details about this inverter air conditioner. best inverter air conditioner under 30000 in India.


    Onida is the well-known brand in the Indian market so that’s why you can trust this brand AC mostly technician not complaining more about the Onida brand so you can trust this brand.

    Energy Efficiency:

    before buying an air conditioner you have to check energy consumption. so that it can reduce your monthly electric bill. This is the five-star air conditioner that’s why it can reduce your electric bill. best inverter ac under 30000

    before buying any air conditioner you have to check the energy efficiency rating or energy consumption rating it’s usually 1 to 5 star (where 1 means very high electric consume to and five mean it will consume less electric)

    Special Feature:

    this is the inverter air conditioner and this is like other inverter AC it will also save electricity. Because electricity is the main factor to run an air conditioner so if you are in the air conditioner is inverter AC then you will save lots of money as an electric bill


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    • But now a day in India you can face lots of technician issue if you want to repair here inverter AC because lots of technician doesn’t understand a lot more about inverter AC. So you have to connect to it a good technician who had experience in inverter AC so so that they will help you when your inverter AC will not work.
    • 500 repairing cost of the inverter AC is higher than the normal air conditioner.

    Copper Coil: best inverter ac under 30000

    Condenser coil this AC is made by copper. so copper is long lasting and save your repairing cost.

    if you want to buy any AC, before buying AC you have to check the coil. if the coil is aluminum then you have do change it after a few years because the aluminum coil is not repairable if any leakage Seen after expiring company warranty. then you have to pay to change the aluminum coil to copper coil.

    but if the condenser coil is copper then any leakage in the condenser coil it can repairable and save lots of money. just keep in mind that the aluminum coil is not repairable if any leakage seen.


    Many types of gases used in the Air conditioning system in the old days like r12 and r22. Still, now r22 is used in Air conditioning system but now the air conditioning system is used as a new type of Refrigerat like r32 you and I are r410, etc for the best cooling effect and low energy consumption.

    if I am going to some technical about refrigerant. The r22 refrigerant standing and working pressure are higher than at 22 and 8 12. Because of the high pressure, this refrigerant exchange lot’s of heat at less time. You will get more cooling effect.

    also, the major factor using the r32 gas is this is very much environment friendly compared to r22 gas.

    Cooling Capacity:

    This is one of the important things that you have to know before buying AC. Depending on your room size and outside temperature you have to choose the correct cooling capacity air conditioner to show that your room can be easily chilled with the minimum time.

    generally, in the normal environment we suggest 1 ton AC for a 10×10×10 room. But this air conditioning system’s cooling capacity is a little higher than 1ton. Its 1.03 Ton. So that’s why this room can be chilled 11× 11× 11 room size.

    1ton equal to 3.5KW but this is 3.6KW I think you may understand what is the cooling capacity in Air conditioning system. The higher cooling capacity means more area than cover an in minimum time.

    but if you think for the large area you want to use a 1-ton air conditioner system then AC has to run more time to cool the area. Also some time low cooling capacity air conditioning system cannot fill the larger area in that case AC has to run continuously for a long time that can damage parts and any other component this is why you should do is low cooling capacity air conditioning system in a large area. best inverter ac under 30000.


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    Noise Level:

    Noise means when the air conditioning system is running that time blower and the cooling coil is creating a little bit sound but the noise is not too much. best inverter ac under 30000

    and this AC produce 31dB noise which is very good. Because most of the system noise level Is 37 dB to 82dB.

    I think now the air conditioning system companies are very sincere about noise so that makes AC with minimum noise that’s why you don’t have to worry about that. Almost all the company’s noise level live not very much so that’s why you can my any companies AC without hesitation when it comes to noise .noises is not the bigger issue because AC is noise is not to higher. best inverter ac under 30000


    the company provides you on your warranty of the system and 5-year warranty of compressor means this is the internal part of the outdoor unit you can say in another word this is the heart of air conditioning system and compressor pump refrigerant outdoor to indoor and circulate outdoor to indoor, so that’s why compressor exam main important part in the air conditioning system. best inverter ac under 30000.

    Some people may be confused about product warranty and compressor warranty product warranty means if any gas leakage any circuit problem or anything problem that will be product warranty and the company wale came to your house and repair your AC for the first year and for the 2nd year if you have call Customer care then we have to pay the repairing cost but if the compressor not working in the end company wale repair or change compressor for the 5 years.


    Some companies giving a compressor warranty for 10 years. But with this company giving you 5 years compressor warranty. best inverter ac under 30000.


    this AC is good for 11*11 room, and inverter features it can save lots of electricity bill and the energy consumption rating is 5 which is very good that also can help you to reduce your electricity bill that’s why this is very good and best AC under 30000 and the DB level means noise level is also very good. It has copper coil condenser so that can reduce gas leakage problem that can save lots of maintained cost. In my view this best inverter ac under 30000 in India. best inverter ac under 30000


    • The compressor warranty is for only 5 years some companies giving 10 years Compressor warranty.
    • also before buying any inverter AC you should check the nearest AC repairing center, where you can repair your inverter AC because in India most of the technician doesn’t no properly when its comes to inverter’s hard to get a technician for inverter AC if in your area inverter AC technician is available then this is the best deal for you. also if you call Onida company then they will send Air conditioner technician.
    • Inverter AC Repairing cost is higher than the non-inverter air conditioner. but you can a lot of electric bills.

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