Best Split AC Under 20000-(Top 6 Air Conditioner 2021)

    Do you want to buy the best Split AC under 20000? Here is the list of Air conditioner. best Split air conditioner under 20000.Review.

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    1. MarQ by Flipkart 0.8 Ton 3 Star Split Inverter Air conditioner – White

    Product Description
    BrandMarQ by Flipkart
    Special FeatureInverter AC
    Cooling Capacity0.82 Ton
    Energy Efficiency3 Star
    Cooling Areaupto 100sq feet room
    Condenser CoilCopper
    best inverter split ac under 20000


    • Most important thing is that this is the inverter AC. At this price which is great. Inverter AC is good for saving electricity.
    • R32 Refrigerant is good for the environment and energy-efficient.
    • The condenser coil is copper which can reduce gas leakage problems.


    • One common problem with inverter AC is the lack of technicians available in the market for repairing inverter AC.
    • Also, Inverter AC maintenance cost is higher than non-inverter AC.
    • 3-star energy efficiency rating if this was 5 star then I will be very good. But in this price range, this AC is good.

    2. Voltas 0.8 Ton 3 Star Split AC

    Product Description:
    Brand NameVoltas
    Engergy efficiency3Star
    Cooling Capacity0.82 Ton
    Cooling Area90 sq feet or little higher
    Condenser CoilCopper

    The copper Condenser coil is Good and It can cool 110 square feet area room also. but not more than that.

    best split ac under 2000 voltas


    • The brand name is Voltas this is the good and well-known brand in the market.
    • The price of this air conditioner is very attractive.
    • 3-star energy Efficiency rating that consumes less electricity compared to a one-star or two-star air conditioner.
    • the condenser coil is copper it will reduce your maintenance cost.


    cooling capacity is less than one ton. And 3 star AC consumes more electricity bill than 5 Star AC but at this price level, this is fully justified. best Split air conditioner under 20000.

    3. Sansui 1 Ton 3 Star Split AC with PM 2.5 Filter – White Best Split AC under 20000.

    Product Description:
    Brand NameSansui
    Cooling Capacity0.967 Ton
    Energy efficiency3 Star
    Condenser CoilCopper
    Cooling AreaUp to 110 sq feet
    best split ac under 20000 flipkart


    • you can use this AC 110 sq feet room also.
    • R32 Refrigerant is good for the environment and also consumes less electricity.
    • The condenser coil is good for less leakage problems.
    • 3 Star energy rating is good to save electricity.


    • if the energy efficiency rating is five stars that will save lots of electricity bills than 3 stars. but the price of this ac is too low that why you can’t expect this at this price level. Best Split AC under 20000.

    4.Hyundai 1 Ton 3 Star Copper (2020 Range) R32 Split AC (White)

    Product Description
    Brand NameHyundai
    Cooling capacity0.97 ton
    Energy Efficiency3 Star
    Cooling AreaMax 110 sq feet
    Condenser CoilCopper
    Hyundai air conditioner under 20000


    • R32 is the latest Refrigerant used in AC. Its good for the environment and also takes low energy.
    • Copper Condenser Coil reduce refrigerant leakages problem.


    If the energy efficiency rating 5 stars that will reduce the electricity bill than 3 stars.

    5. MarQ by Flipkart 1 Ton 2 Star Split AC – White

    Product Description
    Brand NameMarQ
    Cooling Capacity0.98 Ton
    Energy Efficiency2 Star
    Cooling AreaUpto 90 Sq feet
    Condenser CoilCopper
    best split ac under 18000


    • The price of this very low
    • cooling capacity is almost 1 ton. which is very good at this price.
    • The Condenser Coil is copper. which is very good.


    • energy efficient rating is 2 stars this means it can take a little higher electricity than 3 stars, 4th star, or 5 stars.
    • and R22 is not much environment friendly. Best Split ac under 20000.

    6. Voltas 0.75 Ton 1 Star Copper 101 CZA Split AC (White)

    Cooling Capacity0.74 Ton
    Cooling Areabest for 80 Sq Feet room
    Energy efficiency rating1 star
    Condenser CoilCopper
    Voltas air conditioner under 20000


    • Voltas is a well-known brand.
    • The Condenser Coil is copper which will reduce maintenance. Best Split ac under 20000.


    • The energy efficiency rating is 1 star. this means it will take higher electricity.
    • R22 Refrigerant used in this AC. this refrigerant is not much environment friendly. best Split AC under 20000.


    Above mentioned all the air conditioner is different from each other because if you see a fourth number air conditioner which is the inverter and best for 100 square feet area room.

    and others like 1 Star AC is 1 ton means it will cover more area but the energy efficiency is not good so you have to choose among these which is suitable for you.

    and if you see the first number is a Voltas the voltage is the well-known brand so you can trust on this. The brand name also important because the brand comes with trust.

    If you think to save more electricity bills then go with Inverter AC which is the fourth number and if you think ok to buy a branded air conditioner then go it Voltas. best Split air conditioner under 20000.

    and if you think buying a cheaper air conditioner then go with a 1-star air conditioner which is cheaper than above all these air conditioners but I have to pay a little more electricity bill than 3 stars or Inverter AC. best split ac under 20000.

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