Types of Room Heater (Which is the Best Room Heater)

    Most of the people confused while buying a Room heater. in this article, I will clear your confusion about the types of room heater and give you the tips before buying and room heater. also, you will get the knowledge of which is the best room heater for you.

    Types of Room Heater

    1. Convection Heater (also known as Ceramic heater, fan, or blower heater)
    2. Infrared Heater (also known as Radiant Heater, Quartz Heater, Halogen heater, Carbon heater)
    3. Oil Filled heater (also known as oil heater or the same name as oil heater)
    4. PTC Heater ( PTC heater means this type of heating coil made by ceramic material. And the ceramic heater is a very safe heater than other.)

    I’m dividing the room heater base on the way how it works and the technology behind heating the room. mostly these three types of room heater available in the market by different names. that why I have I wrote above most of the different names of all types of room heaters.

    1. Convection Heater (Fan heater or Blower Heater)

    Convection room heater is also one type of room heater. It will heat the air and the hot air will flow to the room by the fan (fan is inbuilt in this heater) and the hot air will increase room temperature. as well as you will feel hot in your room. [wptb id="123" not found ]

    Working Principle of convection heater: Convection heater work on mainly two components. 1. heating coil and 2.fan or blower. When the electricity is supplied, then the heating coil is heated, and the surrounding air will be heated by the heating coil. and running fan or blower will transfer those heater air to the room. in this way the room air well is hot as well as room temperature will rise.

    The fan heater uses a heating coil and fan. When the current is supplied to the heating coil, the coil will be heated, as well as surrounded air will be heated, and the fan will transfer heated air to the room. In this way, the fan heater works.

    Blower heater is used blower instead of fan. This is and working principle is same like fan heaters.


    • Convection heaters are lightweight, easy to portable.
    • safer than other room heaters.
    • Able to heat the large room.
    • price is not higher.
    • you can use a convection heater for the whole year. in the summertime just turn off the heating coil and use it as a fan.
    • After turn off the convection heater, your room will still maintain temperature for some time.


    • It’s noisy because the fan is running inside of convection heaters.
    • Mostly these heaters are 2000 Watt power consumption and come with 16 amp plugs. so if your room circuit board socket is not 16 amp. you have to change to 16 amp socket board. so that you can use this heater for your room.
    • Reduce the room oxygen level and humidity.

    2. Infrared Heater Or Radiant Heater

    An infrared heater reflects the light, if the light id falling to your body then those areas will be heated. If the infrared heater will heat those object’s areas where the light is falling. It will not heat the room air, will heat only light reflected areas. generally, infrared heaters are used in a small area. A large area cannot cover by infrared heaters.


    • The buying cost is lower.
    • lightweight and portable.
    • noiseless. because it doesn’t have any fan or blower.


    • for a very small area, it can cover. large room not able to heat.
    • It reflects light. It can disturb your sleeping.
    • Not safe, if your family has a child or any pet.
    • reduce oxygen and humidity in the room.
    • After shutdown the heater, you will not feel any heating.

    Generally 3 types of Infrared Room Heater available in the market. a) Quartz Heater b) Halogen Heater c) Carbon heater

    a) Quartz Heater

    Quartz Heater is called because it’s used 2 heating coil. And each coil is 400 Watt. ( 2 coil means 2×400= 800 watts). When the electricity supply the heating coil will be heated and the reflect you. And the light falling area will be heated.[wptb id="133" not found ]

    b) Halogen Heater

    Halogen heaters used halogen gas inside and the heating coil that’s why this type of heater called a halogen heater. a halogen heater is bigger than the Quartz heater. it can give more heating than a quartz heater. It creates little higher light. so if you don’t like much light in the room while sleeping then avoid this.[wptb id="136" not found ]

    c) Carbon heater

    The carbon heater coil is made by the carbon. That why this is called a carbon heater. This heater also reflects the heating light. And in this way this work.[wptb id="143" not found ]

    3. Oil-filled heater

    Oil filled room heater use oil to and heating coil to heat the room.

    Working principle: It has a heating coil and oil. the heating coil will heat the oil and the oil will heat the surrounded air. in this process, the air is directly not touching the coil so that it cannot burn the oxygen, and also your room humidity is not reduced. [wptb id="146" not found ]


    • It maintains the room humidity and oxygen level.
    • safe.
    • it can cool a large room.
    • After shutdown, the oil-filled heater the room will still hot for some time.


    • the buying price is expansive
    • The oil-filled heater is not lightweight.
    • It takes time to heat your room. once oil is heated then after a switch of the heater, it can also maintain heat for a long time until the oil is cooled.

    4. Ceramic Heater or PTC heater

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    PTC heater means this type of heating coil made of ceramic material. And the ceramic heater is a very safe heater than others. build quality is very good and very safe. very using in office and other places. OIL filed heater and convection ( fan or blower types) types of PTC heater available in the market.

    Which is the best Room heater?

    In my opinion, if you have a good budget then go with an Oil-filled room heater or PTC heaters are best. Oil filled heater don’t burn oxygen also not Reduce room humidity and it can heat a large room. That’s why I recommend buying an oil-filled heater. Also, keep in mind that it’s not good for portability. And PTC Heater is very safe.

    Then I will recommend buying a ceramic room heater. The price of these heaters is very lower than the oil-filled heater. This is safe and able to heat the large room. Also, you can use this in the summertime as a fan.

    The infrared heaters are a budget-friendly room heater. Also if you are in a cabin or a very small area then this is suitable for you. But the biggest problem is the coil can be damage. If your room is large then the infrared heater is not for you. Go with fan, blower, Ceramic (PTC), or oil-filled.

    Comparison Convection, Infrared, Oil-filled and  PTC room heater
    TopicConvection (Fan, Blower,  ceramic)Infrared (Radiant, Quartz, Halogen, carbon)Oil FilledPTC
    Low Power Consumption   
    Child and Pet safety  ✓ ✓
    Heating areaLargeVery SmallLargeMedium
    Heating TimeFast

    Instant heating

    NoiselessNoisyLess noisy
    Oxygen levelReduceReduceMaintainLess Reduce
    Humidity levelReduceReduceMaintainLess Reduce
    PriceMediumLowHighLittle Higher

    Why I should Buy a Convection heater? because it’s budget-friendly and easily portable, a large room can cover, and this is safer than an infrared (radiant) heater, this is why you can go with the convection heater (fan, blower, or ceramic heater). but convection heater works on the 16amp plug so your circuit board socket should be 16 amp. so that you will not face any electrical problem while running the convection heater.

    Why I should buy an infrared heater ( radiant heater)? because this is the low budget room heater. it can cover a very small area. like your cabin or small room. the main disadvantage is that it will cover a small area and not safer if you have a child or any pet. this is the main concern with this.

    Why I should buy an Oil filed heater? because the best thing in the oil-filled heater is its will not burn your room oxygen and also its maintain the humidity level that why this is very good. but the disadvantage is the price is higher than the other room heater and the weight of the oil-filled heater is a little heavy. I can say this is not easily portable.


    An infrared heater is good for a small cabin where the infrared light can reflect to you. so that it can heat those areas. Types of Room Heater.

    convection heaters are used in a large room or even a small room. It heats the room air so that room will be heated. the ceramic heater is best in the convection heater. also, you can use this heater fan in the summer time.

    and the oil-filled heater is used in a small and large room. the best thing in this heater is it doesn’t burn oxygen in the room and the humidity level is kept maintained. but the price is higher than others.

    Which Types of room heater is best?

    Convection (Fan Heater, Blower Heater, ceramic heater) types of heaters are good because this types of heater is safe, can heat large room, budget friendly. Light weight, portability and also you can use this in summer time also as a Fan.

    What are the safest room heater?

    Ceramic Room Heaters are very safe room heater.

    Is oil filled heater can be a ceramic heater?

    Yes. Oil filled heater can be a ceramic heater.

    What types of ceramic heater available?

    Two types of Ceramic heater is available on the market. 1. Fan types ceramic heater 2. Oill filled ceramic heater.

    Which types of room heater is good for health?

    The oil-filled room heater is a very good room heater. it maintains the oxygen and humidity level of the room.